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What is State Payroll Reporter and How is it Used?

State Payroll Reporter is a State Payroll Reporting Software Program (utility) that automates the quarterly and some annual payroll tax reports that must be filed with your state. It also provides additional management reports.

What States/Reports are currently supported?

State Payroll Reporter produces reports for Arizona, California, Florida Web Upload, Illinois, New York Web Upload, North Carolina and Texas. State Payroll Reporter also includes 3 general unemployment reports that most other states accept.

State Payroll Reporter also does Magnetic Media for:

1. California DE-9C

2. Florida RT-6

3. New York NYS-45

4. Texas C-3 E-File Creator

5. Illinois C-3 E-File CreatoMonthly/Quarterly Unemployment CSV Reportingr

Click here to view samples of all the reports you get.

How much does State Payroll Reporter cost?

State Payroll Reporter cost $29.00 Per Year.

How Does State Payroll Reporter Extract Data From ezPaycheck?

State Payroll Reporter reads the ezPaycheck company file and uses the information to layout Tax Reports. State Payroll Reporter does not update any of your company data.

Using State Payroll Reporter Is As Easy As...

  1. Selecting one of the pre-designed reports and specifying a date range.
  2. Clicking on the GET Payroll Data button which starts the data extraction process from your ezPaycheck data files.
  3. Clicking on the VIEW REPORT button to review reports on screen or to print a hard cop

State Payroll Reporter - Product Features

  • Easy to understand and even easier to use. State payroll tax software that will have you up and running and printing quarterly tax reports within minutes.
  • Automatically imports data from ezPaycheck Software.
  • Presents Report Data on-screen for easy review.
  • Prints “ready to file” reports approved by your state.

Extra Reports Included:

  • Unemployment Report with Taxable Wages – Shows the Gross Wages and Taxable Wages for each employee for the period.
  • Unemployment Report without Taxable Wages – Shows the Gross Wages for each employee for the period.
  • Unemployment Report with Excess Wages – Shows the Gross Wages, Taxable Wages and Excess Wages for each employee for the period.

System Requirements

  • ezPaycheck.
  • Windows 95/98 or higher; Windows NT 4.0 or above
  • 22 Megabytes - Hard disk space
  • 128 Megabytes RAM
  • A Windows 95/98 supported laser or inkjet printer
  • 2x or Greater CD-ROM Drive

Product Technical Support

Technical Support: Purchase of State Payroll Reporter includes free technical support for 30 Days by telephone or email for installation and use of State Payroll Reporter only.

How To Order State Payroll Reporter:

  • Internet - to order via the Internet*, click on the appropriate selection below.